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Tomorrow I have a six page paper due in my Reporting on Latin America class, a French test on L’immigration, and a flight to Boston at 3:55 p.m. While I should be studying, writing an essay, or packing, I’m instead going to introduce you to the latest version of my blog. Perhaps I feel the need to do this right now because, as a true southern lady would say, this has just been on my heart. Or I’m procrastinating. Whatever the reason, welcome. I’m Jazz, and I’m no stranger to blogging. The OG form of this blog “With A Little Jazz,” was created when I was 15, or sometime in 2010, and eventually went from part-time craft blog/teen outfits to my personal brand and social media presence. In 2016, you can find out more about me @withalittlejazz than you probably could if you had my social security number, all because at 15 I wanted to be a blogger.

Images of my OG blog which you can still find on withalittlejazz.blogspot.com

My crafty days are somewhat behind me, but still, as entered my senior year of college I began to wonder (sex in the city reference if you feel me) is my social media presence enough…what if I became a blogger again? OK, it’ll be different this time. No Christmas holiday crafts (or maybe there will be who knows?) and probably less outfit posts (though still a few of those as well). Mostly this is going to be a place for me to share my current projects, chronicle my last year of college and eventual venture into the workforce (kill me now), and share with you the stories some of the coolest people in my life. A lot of the blog is going to be centered around a series of interviews that I conduct with some of my coolest, closest, most talented friends. I’ll be talking to artists, business owners, photographers, stylist, media people and many others. Beyond that I’ll be sharing some personal thoughts and projects of my own. The site is still under some construction, but I just couldn’t wait any longer to get the ball rolling, so thanks for being here. And if you’re coming into contact with this blog for the first time, welcome to the new With A Little Jazz.

Also, this website was coded by my bestest friend and ultimate bad a** Jesus who used my little watercolors and made them somehow do things. Technology. Check out his other work ASAP.